ECG Heroes are super heroes, who are really just humans. But they’re humans with a huge heart! An Electronic Caregiver Dealer is constantly watching for those who are most vulnerable in their own living environments. The most vulnerable include the elderly, those recovering from surgeries, and children with life threatening disease. These loved ones are the reason the Electronic Caregiver was invented, and, as a result, these are who see their ECG dealers as their Heroes.

Technologically Advanced
Firstly, the Electronic Caregiver is the most technologically advanced home medical alert system on the market today. It offers higher quality standard equipment and technologically advanced features more so than any of its’ competitors.

Although most of our systems include an emergency pendant, our most popular is our wrist pendant. It’s an emergency medical bracelet. Its sleek design mimics some of the most popular fitness watches available. The pendant’s concave design helps to protect the wearer from accidental alerts. It is safely water submersible up to 4o ft. enabling the user to have peace of mind in a shower or in a long, soothing bath.

More than 60% of falls amongst seniors over the age of 65 years, happen in the bathroom. We don’t want those we are protecting to have to take off their emergency pendant in that room for any reason! Technology is the foundation for our ECG Heroes enabling them to do what they do so well.

Activity Monitoring
This medical alert system doesn’t monitor activity. However, what it does do is so much more significant to its users! The ECG will monitor for inactivity during preset times of the day in the busiest parts of a home. If there is no motion detected within a specified amount of time, the ECG will call the users’ responsible party and inform them. Rapid Response responders will call local authorities if the responsible party cannot be reached. Either way, they will request a welfare check at the residence.

When a senior living alone falls in America today, they go an average of eighteen hours undetected. The inactivity monitor is a most necessary tool to shorten that length of time. Shortening the amount of time between a fall and medical intervention has proven so valuable. It shortens the length of their time in hospitals by reducing subsequent medical issues from lying unattended.

Who’s Answering the Call for Help?
Who would be answering your or your loved ones call for help? Do you know? At Electronic Caregiver we made sure that our responders have the correct training to be your first contact. We’ve partnered with Rapid Response, the nations’ most renown monitoring company.

Because of that, when an ECG customer calls for help, the person on the other end of the phone is at least an EMT-B with an associate’s degree. Our responders do not have to look up how to respond to our customers’ emergencies in a flip chart. They’ve been fully trained. Consequently, our responders love what they do and they’re good at it!

ECG Heroes are backed up by Rapid Response

The Opportunities are endless
The sales opportunities for ECG Heroes are endless. our dealers close sales much sooner.our dealers close sales much sooner. our dealers close sales much sooner. Our dealers close their sales much sooner due to the Electronic Caregiver marketing strategy and support. The ECG company markets not only to individuals, but also all aspects of the medical communities. It markets to a variety of providers and hospitals. There is continual marketing to home health care agencies and independent living facilities. We market to caregivers who want their loved ones to stay in their own homes for as long as possible.

The world of health providers has embraced this particular system. Providers love that this system actually helps their patients stay at home. And they appreciate that it helps them age-in-place. Mostly, however, it offers their patients and caregivers a much needed peace of mind.

Time after time after time we have received testimonials from our customers about how they pushed that button in their own moment of crises and help arrived. Their gratefulness is abundant.

ECG Heroes from all walks of life are saving lives

In conclusion, it costs our new dealers zero to become a hero! Our dealers already have the desire to see people living with challenges remain independent. They want to see our customers emergency intervention quickly. Electronic Caregiver dealers truly want to offer that peace of mind.

Due to that, we provide all the training, all the resources and all the assistance they would need. They become success stories for the vulnerable and in addition, for themselves.

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